Our services

Below are some examples of the services we can provide but here at Jersey Laser Craft we always welcome the opportunity to work with you on any idea you have.

We are artists at heart that use technology to realise your ideas and imagery in unexpected ways and thrive when challenged with unusual projects so come in and have a chat.

Architecture and model making

Using laser cutting techniques we can take CAD model information and produce architectural models that can help you visualise your plans to your clients. The results are both quick and an incredibly accurate model of your design.

Brand and marketing engraving

Do you need to get you brand message out there? We can engrave all kinds of branding merchandise including stationery, diaries, leather bags and a multitude of other things. We can even create bespoke stationery such as business cards that are cut into unique shapes and designs.

Fashion industry

Fabric can be cut into unique shapes quickly and effortlessly in a way that produces striking pieces of clothing. This unusual approach also give you the opportunity to experiment with your designs in a way that has not been possible before. Contact us to discuss your ideas and see what we can do for you.

Wedding stationery

For your wedding we can cut bespoke invitations, order of services and even table decorations that reflect the theme of your wedding. We can cut stationery with the names of the bride and groom to create elegant personalised designs that you will cherish.

Glass engraving

We can engrave bespoke designs on shower doors, splash backs, windows and patio doors without impacting on the integrity of the item and its function. Additionally, glass for offices can be branded using this technique. Imagine bespoke glass windows that reflects your personality or business with an engraved design. The possibilities are literally endless.

Wood engraving

Building a new decking area in your garden? We can engrave wood with a message or design that truly gives your work a personal touch. We can take any type of wood and engrave it with portraits, lettering and any other design you can think of to create a stunning centrepiece for your home.

iPad engraving

What does your device look like? Probably like everyone else's! Well, it doesn't have to because we see your device as a blank canvas on which we can engrave a huge variety of designs from abstract art to photographic images.


Laser engraving isn't limited to abstract designs. By changing the frequencies of the laser engraver we can create stunning portraits on a wide variety of materials. The finished result is both a surprising and touching gift.


Engraved images work really well for commercial use. Whether it is a large glass centre panel or a stone plaque that needs to have impact, the subtle engravings are amazingly fine and detailed to give a real depth of perspective. Imagine engraved marble table mats, personalised iPads, logo embossed wine bottles. Virtually anything is possible and each item is completely bespoke – what better way to present your company than a personalised gift for your clients?